Wordless Wednesday: Favorite Things (That Are Not My Kids)

These are some of the things that make me happy.  In no particular order.  I’m starting with Chanel make up because it was a recent big investment.  I left all my make up in NYC and spent an afternoon at the Chanel counter in L.A.Coffee makers in hotel rooms.  They really get me. I recently took a Spinning certification class.  It’s a love-hate relationship.  Believe me.

Taxi rides.  Also love-hate.

New York City driving back from the airport.  I still get goosebumps seeing the city lights.

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18 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Favorite Things (That Are Not My Kids)

  1. Ah, makeup and city lights — love them both!

  2. Deanna says:

    What?! Wine didn’t make the list? Lol!

  3. Yep–NYC makes me all tingly inside too. Any time of year.

  4. I’ve never been to NYC but I could hang out at the makeup counter all day and I don’t even wear makeup that often.

  5. MamaTrack says:

    Love the lights. When I worked on Wall Street, I used to take a car home at night. I loved watching them on the drive home.

  6. Lane says:

    Makeup makes me drool. I have never worn anything as fancy as Chanel, but I can only imagine! I moved away from a big city a few years back and it’s amazing to be able to see the stars at night, without all the light pollution, but they are times when I miss the lights and the “busy.” I’ll bet New York’s lights are gorgeous. 🙂

  7. I just spent 20 minutes browsing Sephora alone last night because I was early to a PA meeting. Love makeup shopping!!

  8. Jessica says:

    Wow, I could live at that make up counter.

  9. Can I tell you how flattered I am that someone as fabulous and NYCified as you would call us country bumpkins ‘gorgeous and cool’? You made my night!

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