I am thrilled to announce I am the new director of social media at Mommybites.

Please visit us often at our Facebook page and on Twitter.

Below are some posts of mine you can find there.

Ready for Halloween: Martha Stewart Crafts. This was so fun–see what my kids painted!

Diary of a New Green Mom: Organic Meals Delivered. Yes, people, there really is a delivery service for kids’ meals!

I am so thrilled about this. I interviewed the great Late Show with David Letterman producer Rob Burnett and we talked parenting.

My Sh*tty Mom review is up! You may find this book hysterical or offensive. Like motherhood, it’s a little of both.

When it comes to going green, sometimes it’s progress, not perfection, that counts most.

Read my review of a very important film for parents and people of earth. Are you worried about chemicals in the environment and our food? Should you be?

Can you have both effective cleaners and safe cleaners–without having a panic attack? Read my latest “Diary of a New Green Mom” entry to see what I did.

Family “vacations” don’t exist. It’s all about making great and fun memories when you travel with kids. Learn from the experts how to take the kinds of family trips you’ll want to remember forever.

Forget what you know about crafting. Martha Stewart Craft’s new app will change your life when it comes to creating cool, timeless designs online for print and email.

Take a listen to Mommybites BlogTalkRadio’s show on Healthy Living. You’ll hear amazing experts and me!

I’ve reviewed What to Expect When You Are Expecting. And I am dishing at Mommybites.

I love the ladies at Mommybites. They let me eat a lot of chocolate. Check out my post about Hershey’s Times Square.

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