A Big Week

This was a big week here.  The twins started school.  They go to their “playgroup” two days a week, for two hours each.  I–or a caregiver–must be there with them the entire time.  It’s still good.  We woke up Tuesday morning excited about “school” as I kept calling it for them.  Their sister goes to school, now H and E will be in a classroom, with a teacher, having snack around a table.  We are going to school, kids!  It’s earth shattering stuff.

We started out on a beautiful early October morning.  Light jackets.  Sequined bags (for all). Teddy bear (for H).  Bunny lovey (for E).  All good.  We stopped for coffee (for me).  They ran away from me.  Both, in different directions along 20th Street.  For God’s sake, really, kids.  Is this the new game?  I’m not ready for this.  Obvious to everyone on 20th Street, I am not ready for this, as I am screaming their names down the street, flailing my arms as I run after one and then the other.  My purse and coffee abandoned at the coffee shop.  We all make hard choices.

Once I round the kids up, find their class, drag the double stroller upstairs, get the kids downstairs on time, we have a wonderful first class.  H is chased around the table by an adorable little girl. E does backflips off the wood slide.  They ask for seconds on the snack.  There are cool moms there.  I’m good, thanks.

So that was Tuesday.  We leave tired, wired, hungry.  I call husband to tell him about our success–my success really, who am I kidding?  I got two two year olds to class on time. We walk through Gramercy and I am thinking, “Wow, I got this parenting thing down.  Go.  Me.”


On Wednesday, I need to pick up raffle tickets for an upcoming Halloween party at a printer’s shop in midtown. I have been talking to the printer all week about this project. A long time ago, before kids, this was part of my job: talking to printers and other vendors.  I was the editor of an industry magazine.  Big budget.  Complicated advertising.

I screwed up raffle tickets.  The details are not important (so leave me alone already, ok?).  What is more important than my messing up a relatively easy communications with the printer on a relatively easy job is that I brought M with me that afternoon.  And cranky, tired, begging to go to Starbucks, she sat down in the middle of Times Square and wouldn’t move.

I am losing my mind in the crossroads of the world because my screaming four year old won’t get off the dirty sidewalk and there are literally thousands of people walking around us.  And it’s rush hour now.

You don’t need to hear how we got home.  There was an ice-cream at the end of the journey for M.  I know when I’m beaten.

I’d like to end this post, and the weekend, on a peaceful note.  It has been a lovely week in October.  Summer weather.  Leaves changing colors.  The kids are playing soccer.  I’d like to say every minute of this weekend was family bliss.  You know where I am going with this, right?

Like all things–all things in this household–there are ups and downs, which, in all honesty, never fails to disappoint me.  I like things to be perfect.  You know that about me.  Yet they never are, and I try to share them here anyway.  Despite a rough Sunday–work stress, deadlines, ear infections (you can guess which belongs to whom)–we had many moments with the kids over the weekend.  Good, bad, funny, annoying family moments.  We lived at the playground.  We cried, fought and fell over at the playground. We took the kids to dinner one night (why? because someone else cleans up and they serve wine) and there were two butterflies perched feet from our table.  We spent a lot of time trying to get the kids to sit back down.  But it was sweet.  Here are the pictures.

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6 Responses to A Big Week

  1. lindsay bennett says:

    once again and honest and perfect! love when they come!

  2. Katy says:

    Here’s to another fabulous week! 😉

  3. SkippyLI says:

    Just another day in paradise…..Note: quite proud of H and E for jumping right into the playgroup thing, and not being the kids who sat in the corner with mommy afraid to let go (not that there is anything wrong with that..)

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