RAINRAPS Are Getting a Good Wrap

I have been keeping something really awesome to myself. Or I thought I was. You know when you get something very cool and different and you kind of don’t want everyone else to be wearing it?

Well, I have had my RAINRAP for months. The company, founded by fashion-forward thinking Stacy Struminger and Rachel Teyssier, has been getting so much fabulous press lately that I woefully realized I am not the only one sporting this gorgeous accessory around town.

The RAINRAP is basically a wrap you can wear instead of that God-awful raincoat this spring and summer and into the fall–it’s a little more sophisticated and feminine than my slicker. I feel all celebrity-ish leaving the apartment: throwing it around my shoulders, grabbing my purse and keys–and then running for the bus.

Mine is navy and–my new favorite color–turquoise, and can we worn on either side. It is made of waterproof material, is soft and comfortable and folds up small enough to fit in a normal-sized bag (not that I own a normal-sized bag; mine are all enormous). I haven’t noticed any issues with wrinkling, even at the bottom of my monster purses under sippy cups, sticker books, catalogs and cheddar bunnies. They are priced similarly to a nice scarf or wrap at $48.00. Choose from four very hot color combinations–just don’t buy the turquoise, okay? I still want to be the only one wearing this.


I was given a RAINRAP for review purposes. All opinions are, as always, my own.





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