Winter Is Time for (Easy) Beauty

Thanks to Walgreens for underwriting this post. I was paid as a member of the Clever Girls Collective; the content and opinions belong to me. Please visit

Recently I got my first-ever facial.  It was awesome except for the part when the clinician scolded me for having really dry skin and clogged pores. Bravely, I admitted that I don’t even wash my face at the end of the day. Did you gasp? That was her response too.

So I promised–my talented clinician and myself–that I would make taking really good care of my skin a priority in my beauty routine this winter. My skin has changed significantly in the past few years–larger pores, less elasticity, more easily dried out. It takes almost zero time to implement new routines that make a noticeable difference.

Luckily, many companies seem to agree that my aging and exposed skin needs a lot of help. And they’ve made a variety of affordable, natural and cruelty-free products.

One of my favorite skin-care lines to use has always been Neutrogena. I used their acne wash forever in my twenties and now, facing entirely new challenges (pun! yes, a pun!), I am loving their Neutrogena Naturals products. They are gentle, smell good and do the job they claim. And because I can find these products on the drug store shelf, I am easily sticking to this beauty resolution.

Another resolution I have: to stop stealing hair bands from my daughters.  I am stocking up on bright, fun and plentiful packages of hair elastics for the three of us.  (I will also be wearing some as bracelets because I notice that is a cool look this year.)

Finally, I will take my four year old’s advice and polish my nails regularly. I am including the removing of polish with real polish remover so that my nails will not look like jigsaw puzzle pieces on any given day. Personally, I don’t go crazy over having my nails “done” all the time, but this is a family activity we truly enjoy on a cold indoor afternoon; we love picking out colors and sitting on the kitchen floor painting toenails and nails–four-year-old daughter, 2.5-year-old daughter, her twin brother and myself. They ask constantly about painting our nails. While the girls and I go wild for funky shades of blue and purple, I am encouraging my son to stick to a pale pink, like “spaghetti strap,” for now.

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