Apple Seeds NYC

Pretty Is Not a Four-Letter Word I break the rules and tell my daughters they are beautiful.

Vacation: Myths and Facts  How’s your summer vacation with kids going? Mine was all I envisioned–and then some.

The Conversation with my almost six year old was a big one: death, god, and birthday parties.

Parental Wishing: What do you wish for you kids is on Wednesdays With Wendy–or do we even need to?

My new Wednesdays With Wendy is up: it’s about the Mommy Blogger Label. (Do you think I like it?)

Guys, I am so tired from this whole parenting gig. And watching late night TV. But I managed to eek out a barely coherent post to kick off Wednesdays With Wendy!

Happy Holiday Season Breakdown to You.  I love working with Apple Seeds–its owners are awesome, my kids are super crazy about the large, clean playspace, and they let me speak my mind.

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