I am so pleased to have shared a very painful part of my parenting experience on a wonderful site for new and seasoned parents, WhatToExpect.com. Please read my post about rage in parenting and share your own thoughts.

Parent Teacher Conference Lessons can be painful. From “My Daughter’s Teacher Gave Me Bad News and I Blamed Myself”: “I learn that my daughter doesn’t speak in class. Not a word to the teachers. Barely a word at all. She asks other students to help her when she needs something. She never addresses the two teachers in the room, and she doesn’t respond when called upon.”

“I Feel Guilty for Favoring My Son Over My Daughters” is about the complexities of having more than one child: “Henry gets a special kind of attention. It begins in these early morning hours and lasts until bedtime. Preschool has worked wonders for him — his vocabulary has improved, he is becoming more independent from his twin sister in social situations, he can express his thoughts with less hesitation.”

We learned our son would be in a kindergarten class with both a general education and special education teacher to better help with his needs. I was at first uncomfortable “Accepting My Son Needs Special Help.”

I had to learn to be kinder to myself before I could be gentle with my children: “The Part of Myself I’m Trying to Change for the Sake of My Kids.”

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