Boogie Down With Josie Bissett

Once again, I stand by my assertion that Hollywood actresses are as pretty in person as they seem on television. We would all like it to be otherwise; I get it.  The real kicker is when a beautiful actress turns out to be nice and smart and funny as well.  That’s the real unfair. Josie Bissett, star of the 90s mega-hit show, Melrose Place, is as talented and fun as she is lovely.  She is currently on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, playing a teen’s mom. (Okay Melrose fans, Gasp! Right?)

Her second children’s book, Boogie Monster (her follow up to Tickle Monster), is kind of the cutest thing.  You can buy the book in a kit that comes with leg warmers.  Seriously, four year olds love fuzzy leg warmers and they love to boogie down.  And how much do we love watching this and trying in vain to get it on video?

I met Ms. Bissett at a party thrown for her new book at MoonSoup in New York City. Divalysscious Moms invited parents and kids for a reading by the author and get down boogie party complete with soundtrack and sparkly party accessories.  I wasn’t able to bring any of my three kids due to schedules (and my reluctance to bring them to work with me), but I had a great time meeting the babies and mommies that were rocking out.

Boogie Monster is a sweet story of a visitor from another planet who encourages kids to move, shake, dance, bounce and hop–in any way they can: “…with dancing, there’s no right or wrong.”  The illustrations by Kevan J. Atteberry are colorful and cartoon-like; my kids loved mimicking the characters’ moves.

Ms. Bissett, a mama of two, also signed and personalized all the books bought at the event.

I am thankful for a book that will teach my kids to love to dance. Because they won’t learn that by watching me.

This event was covered gleefully for Momma’s Gone City.  I purchased the book and asked Ms. Bissett sign it for my children. All opinions are my own.

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