The Honest Company Takes on Community

Occasionally I get excited over really neat products. By nature I am cynical; I think much of what we get is hype from advertisers–but sometimes I can see substance to a company’s claims and a worthy product behind the elegant packaging.

The amazing MomTrends recently hosted a New York City party to introduce The Honest Company and its products. The launch of The Honest Company, co-founded by super-mom and super-star, Jessica Alba, was glamorous and fun; the products showcased are non-toxic, gentle, innovative and attractive. Jessica was charming and enthusiastically told us how important it was for her to find natural bath, baby and cleaning products for her growing family all in one place–and how thrilled she is to be able to share these with other busy families.

Me with the pretty moms: Jessica Alba, Brianne Manz of Stroller in the City

Still, I was not completely sold. We use several organic, non-toxic brands in our home (I also use several “old school” brands but don’t tell on me, okay?). I don’t think I have a favorite among them; I like that they all promise to be safe and gentle and lovingly effective on my kids. For the most part, they are. Membership in The Honest Company does bring these amazing products monthly to your doorstep. That is invaluable, as most of us know–I quite literally have had to borrow diaper wipes from our neighbors on more than one occasion.

Wanting a little more in terms of why I should make a change and a commitment, I asked Jessica about how The Honest Company is reaching out to families that don’t have the resources necessary to research and buy the best and safest products and gear. This is always the sore thumb for me. We hear so much about how important organic ingredients are, how dangerous chemicals are finding their way into our foods and gear–but how often do we, as parents, consumers and producers, talk about how difficult it is for many American families to access even diapers, formula, wipes and car seats? To me, if you are struggling to pay for diapers for your babies, you probably have little interest in whether they contain chlorine or not. There is a hierarchy of concerns after all.

Ms. Alba explained she is on the board of a wonderful charitable organization–and that a portion of every dollar The Honest Company earns goes to Baby2Baby. Baby2Baby supplies Los Angeles families in need with essential baby gear and clothing for their children (0-4 years old), distributing new and gently used items through a network of community-based organizations.

The Honest Company aims to put forth products that represent the respect and nurturing we feel with family; says Sean Kane, The Honest Company founder and General Manager, “to be a brand that is a family and treats everyone like family.” The company does seem to take its promise of promoting community seriously. It means a great deal to me that my family support companies that consider the needs of all families, regardless of social status and economic means. I am willing to invest in a company investing in all of our children’s future.

Easily, I fell madly in love with this sweet-smelling hand soap.  Also the delicate packaging.  Is that shallow?  Maybe, but I love pretty little things on the bathroom shelf and counters.

These are the wipes I am counting on to gently and thoroughly clean my kids’ bottoms–and to prevent my running downstairs to my girlfriend’s apartment in a diaper emergency.

I may keep my children in diapers because of these. My gosh, they are soft. You hear that kids? No more potty training!  (Hey, The Honest Company–can you make these in preteen sizes?)



I received no compensation for this post. I received samples of the products; all opinions are my own.

9 Responses to The Honest Company Takes on Community

  1. Ha!! You’re too funny! Actually, when I first started working with The Honest Company, I wrote that we should strive to make a diaper that moms love so much, they don’t want to potty train. Success, success!!

    Thanks so much for being at our launch party and for this great write-up!

    Janelle Sorensen
    Communications Manager
    The Honest Company

  2. kristrange says:

    Baby2Baby is amazing and I am so glad The Honest Company gives a portion of every dollar to this great charitable organization! I also love the packaging and no more Elmo soap in my “Adult” bathroom.

  3. Tabitha says:

    Funny! I am just about to potty train my little girl and already don’t want to because the diapers are too cute. Baby #2 is on his way so we will be getting the boy versions soon. 🙂

  4. Glad you asked the tough questions and got great answers. Thanks for coming Wendy!

  5. I got my Honest Company trial pack in the mail this weekend. LOVE the diapers! I think making a pull-up size would be great too. The soap smells so yummy and I love the soothing balm; great for these cold winters in Alaska!

  6. Toni says:

    Can we get the product in Australia?

  7. Sarah says:

    Love that you’re open about your skepticism and what overcame it (and your humor is of course appreciated too)! As an Angeleno, I regularly donate my son’s gently used clothes and our outgrown baby gear to Baby2Baby. The organization is a great cause!

  8. Estefania roman says:

    Where would I apply if I was interested in working with the honest company??

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