When You’re Married to a Writer

And you get a big rejection of a piece in an email while together you’re watching The Colbert Report, so you go into the kitchen and cry like a baby, and say “Nothing,” when your husband asks what’s wrong, and you open some more wine because that seems like the best you could do right now, and you’re still crying looking at the traffic on the street below and your own reflection in the window with the glittering lights of downtown in the distance, and you’re surprised you’re crying the kind of crying where words don’t come out, and you wonder what the hell you were thinking and why even bother, and that maybe you should just fuck the idea of being a writer because, really, the past 20 years should have told you something unless you’re just dense, which maybe you are, and you think, shit, I have to make lunches for tomorrow and check on that playdate and confirm the sitters for the rest of the week, and you’re grateful the wine is cold, and you’ll probably get over this because there’s really no alternative is there but to fucking forget it, and tomorrow is another day with the computer and the kids and getting back to friends about plans for rescheduling dinner soon, so be sure to charge your phone overnight, maybe you shut down Word, and watch the lights in the distance for a little longer, the plane flashing by, the stars that flicker.

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10 Responses to When You’re Married to a Writer

  1. Breathtaking in both its honesty and beauty… This alone – ironic as it may be – should tell you to keep going, that you MUST keep going, in order to bring incredible, beautiful, achingly truthful words like this into the world… xoxo

  2. aviets says:

    I get it, and my heart reaches out to you. Literary rejections are intensely personal and painful. I hope you keep at it, though. -Amy

  3. I’m sorry Wendy…for what it’s worth I think you are a beautiful writer!! Can we get coffee soon?? xoxo

  4. Your writing is amazing- it is at once intensely personal and vulnerable yet strong. I’ve shared a few of your posts with my husband and friends. You have more of an audience than you think! It will happen- please keep pushing forward. Your words resonate with many of us.

  5. aeslater says:

    Gave a draft to my husband for feedback last night. “Written fine,” he said, but “not full of the folksy wisdom you usually have” and “sounds kind of angry.” FOLKSY. WISDOM. Almost deleted the FB page and threw out the laptop. Still haven’t ruled it out.

    That is, I feel your pain.

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