When will she decide to come out?

When will she latch?

When will she poop?

When does the doctor check on her?

When will she sleep?

When should I wake her up?

When is it a problem if she doesn’t gain weight?

When will she hold her head up by herself?

Was that a smile?

When will she roll over?

When will she sit up?

When will she laugh?

When does she eat solid food?

When does she get cow’s milk?

When will she stop crying?

When do we try vegetables?

When will she stand?

Should she be saying “mama”?

When will she walk?

When does she get her medicine?

Does she need all those shots?

When should she talk in sentences?

Shouldn’t we take her to a dentist?

When do we apply to preschool?

When do we hear if we got in?

Should she have lost her baby fat by now?

When do we tell her about the dog?

When do we refuse to let her sleep in our bed?

When will she stop waking up at night?

When do we sign up for summer camp?

What time does ballet start?

What day is swimming this semester?

When is her playdate today?

When should we take her for ice-skates?

Does she have yoga this week?

When do they get homework in kindergarten?

Did she clean her room?

Since when does she like sushi?!

When did she learn to talk like that?

Should we talk to someone about her attitude?

When do they outgrow this phase?

When is her winter break?

Should we plan a sleepover party?

When did she learn to draw like that?

Is she really starting to read?

When did she grow up?  And when does it slow down?

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3 Responses to When?

  1. Shannon says:

    As always, I loved reading your work. Simply beautiful.

  2. amy says:

    love this. so true.

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