Wordless Wednesday: With So Many Things to Do

Last week was busy with school, birthday parties, a carnival, swimming and ballet lessons. We also met Elmo and went to a very wonderful event hosted by Trumpeting Media, Shot@Life, and the United Nations Foundation. Shot@Life launched a new app called Moments Matter–you can capture all your children’s milestone “firsts” with this app, taking photos and using the milestone tracker. And you will help build awareness about the Shot@Life campaign to bring life-saving vaccines to children around the world. Love it. And it’s free. Win.

I wanted to share some of our very full and ridiculously fun week with you. How is it I get to do so many very special things with my kids? Of course, you will have to imagine my cursing, sweating, as I dragged three tired, sometimes wet, thirsty, and hungry children around town. Because at one point, I wanted to leave the three of them on 23rd Street.

But enjoy the photos.

This is Holly Pavlika from Momentum. She has worked with this Shot@Life campaign and others that bring all kinds of social good all over the world. And I’m standing next to her.

Henry was the only one of my kids brave enough to get close to Elmo. Whatever.

We’re on a mini firetruck. It’s going .03 miles per hour.

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5 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: With So Many Things to Do

  1. So very much fun to be had – and by such lovelies! 🙂

  2. So very wonderfully busy. xoxo

  3. Nancy Horn says:

    I love it! Thank you for coming to our Shot@Life Event – you give me hope that I can manage my three w/o a stroller soon.

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