Wordless Wednesday: Stopping at the End the Day

We had a tough day here, after a very long night. My husband is away. I’m anxious and tired. Tonight ended with frustration and screaming and fighting over going to sleep.

Once Henry finally went to bed at 10:00, I felt the familiar stab after a bad day. I closed my eyes and thought about my yelling when Molly got pink lipgloss all over the white rug, and when Ellie laughed in my face as I told her it was bed time. I turned on the television. I was caught suddenly by something I saw: a mattress commercial during which The Beatles’ “In My Life” plays. Damn you, cheesy mattress company. Now I have to sob and post all these pictures. Because I wasn’t my best today. Because I was preoccupied with work and cleaning up and having some quiet in the apartment. Because my children should never go to bed sad. Because I love them more.

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8 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Stopping at the End the Day

  1. heather says:

    i totally get this. in so many ways. from what i’ve read- you are a great mom. we just all need more sleep!!!!

  2. Suzanne L. says:

    Very touching and sweet. I don’t even have kids and it makes me teary-eyed.

  3. Lone Star Mama says:

    I feel you, fellow mama. My husband travels quite a bit and it seems like I’ve had a lot of these days recently. My Brooklyn Boy has officially entered the, “I’m going to toe the line on everything and more than likely do the opposite of whatever you tell me to do” phase. It’s amazing how it coincided with his second birthday almost perfectly. There will be days that I’ll be in tears I’m so frustrated, but then go to check on him after he’s asleep and wonder how in the world I could be upset with this angelic looking little boy. I have a feeling that the higher powers that be knew what they were doing when they made kids look so cherubic when sleeping…..

  4. amy z says:

    I’ve so been there! Hope that today is better for you. parenting (and trying to be the best i can at it!) is the hardest, best, most and LEAST rewarding thing i’ll ever do — all in one big, bad, and brilliant bundle. wish we could meet up at the playground.

  5. thestrollerballet says:

    How are you? I miss you 🙂 Your posts are always so lovely and well thought out. We all have those types of days…bravo to sharing it. Your children are beautiful – and as the mother of three you really inspire me with your self-reflection.
    (PS – I hate white rugs!! 😉

    • I was just thinking of you. I am writing an anniversary post and have so much to thank you for. 🙂 I appreciate all your support as always! I hope you’re well–miss you too! xo

  6. Oh I know those days and love that you want them all to go to bed happy. They are getting so big!!

  7. ONe of the best pieces of advice I got (recently!) was to not let your kids go to bed or school sad or angry. Seems so simple, doesn’t it? And some days it is – simple and easy. Some days it’s incredibly hard and you’re left feeling remorse that they don’t even know you feel. The great thing about kids is that they almost always wake up happy the next day.

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