Curious About a Door

Union Square neighborhood, New York City, March 2012. What secret is within?

Thank you Galit at These Little Waves and Alison at Mama Wants This.

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8 Responses to Curious About a Door

  1. Lovely pictures, Wendy!! So, what was behind the door???

  2. How sweet – I love her braids. I too am curious about what’s behind that door…

  3. Oh my, those photos are absolutely stunning!

    (But seriously inquiring -ahem: nosy- minds want to know what was behind the door!)

  4. Kerstin says:

    That look of curiosity on her face, awesome! Did she find out what was behind the door?

  5. mamamash says:

    Soo..yeah. The door? Is in front of what? Tell me it’s ice cream. I really need some ice cream.

  6. amandaeaustin says:

    Wow! These are amazing! I love the story it tells. Sometimes the mystery is better than knowing — it was probably something super lame.

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