The Last Five Are What I Believe

This, finally, is all about me.  I am linking up with Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop.

You don’t know about me:

1. I once lived in a small Manhattan studio apartment with my husband, two gerbils, a dog and a cat.

2. I was a huge animal person before I had kids; now I can’t handle having an animal at home.

3. I have diagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder. I think it’s gotten better since I was pregnant with my first.  I am amazed and grateful for this.

4. I have a graduate degree in creative writing (I don’t care if I already told you this; pretend you didn’t know, kay?)

5. I am addicted to National Public Radio. Like it’s about to become a problem.

I know a great deal about:

1. Twins. Pretty much all things twins.

2. Guilt. Same idea.

3. Self esteem issues. I could write a book on self-esteem issues, but it would be a sad, depressing, pathetic book.  You wouldn’t want to read it.

4. Spinning.  I am certified to teach yet am too lazy to go to a class.

5. Marriage.  And I am always right.

I know nothing about:

1. Cooking. It embarrasses me sometimes, but recipes and cooking terms are like a foreign language.  I don’t even understand how to food shop for the week.

2. Make up.  I think it’s gorgeous, I love it and I buy more than I should.  Don’t understand how to use it.

3. Lingerie.  Same deal as above.

4. Investing. I should seriously read a book before it’s too late.

5. Child development. There are books about this too, right?

I believe:

1. There are no “soul mates.” We are lucky to find someone we can work out our issues with, laugh with, and grow up with.  Relationships are built on commitment, respect and love.  Not magic.

2. There is a God. There is no “right” religion. Just God and we humans. We are meant to do the best we can.

3. The universe seeks balance and eventually rights itself.  This feels right to me.  I just wish I knew the timeframe for this.

4. We should not compare ourselves to others.  We only see a small part of each person’s joy and pain.

5. People deserve help when they need it. They deserve dignity and health care and education and a decent way to support their families.  I don’t care who pays for these, private sector or government, but someone should. We have a responsibility to and for each other. Why don’t people get this?

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3 Responses to The Last Five Are What I Believe

  1. So many replies:
    I had major depression for 12 years. I am now medication free. Grateful and shocked.
    I’m jealous and intrigued at your master’s in creative writing. I’ve seriously considered it.
    LOL’d at your “depressing book, you wouldn’t want to read it.”
    Cooking: What the heck is saffron? I still don’t know. If a recipe has more than 5 ingredients, I’m not interested.
    Make-up: I just learned in 2010 to really wear it. I still am worse at it than the average high-schooler.
    My brother is a hedge fund manager. No idea what that is. I think it’s related to investing.

    Stopping by from Mama Kat’s !

  2. Patty says:

    Great list and way to get to know you.
    I have no idea about cooking terms either…a few years I had to google “sauté”…sad but true and hysterically funny. I know how to sauté now 😉

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