Parenting Moment: Television

I was going to call this “Bad Parenting Moment.”  Doesn’t this sound better?  It’s amazing what word choice can do.  (Thank you M.F.A.)

I am reserving this category on the blog to share a small number of the many humbling, embarrassing, surreal moments I have with my children, other parents and strangers.  I wouldn’t believe them if I weren’t there.

Tonight.  I leave M watching television with her barely eaten dinner so that I could quickly do a little research on the computer in the kitchen.  I check out some amazing mom blogs so that I might garner a clue as to how this works, when I hear from the living room:

I need to see a doctor!  I need to see a doctor!  MOMMY I NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR!

WHAT? I run back to the living room and find M is sitting on the couch, where I left her.  I imagine that the emergency involves internal bleeding as I cannot see any visible signs of trauma.

What’s wrong?!  You need to see a doctor?!

I am confused.  Worried.

I need to see a doctor.  I need to see a doctor I just see on television!

And that is what I get for leaving the room, and leaving a 3.5 year old watching Without a Trace.

My silly girl.

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1 Response to Parenting Moment: Television

  1. Carolyn says:

    Cute. I love what my daughter comes out with, and sometimes I don’t know where it comes from.

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