Mother’s Day

Here is what I think of Mother’s Day: I worked twice as hard yesterday to earn the right to do two-thirds of what I usually do today.

I am just kidding.

It felt like that a little bit yesterday, but I truly do have a job with no time off.  That’s what I signed up for.  My children are my world, and now, as they sleep quietly, I am happy, content and grateful for their little beings. The morning will bring many laughs and hugs, but also more crying, fighting, whining and tantrums. Please God let me remember how perfect this moment is.

Today I am also thinking about my mother, whom I will call later in the morning.  This year I made a donation to UNICEF in her honor.  My mother thinks this is the greatest mother’s day gift.  She’s not just saying that–I know her.  To avoid a long-winded, silly, Hallmark card post here, I will say that my mother has an inspiring sense of justice.  She feels the hurts of the world and tries hard to change what she can.  She’s my mom.

I wish joy to all women today.

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